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Frequently Asked Question

Why Should I take part in exhibitions?

Exhibitions are the primary platform for any industry to meet together and discuss about relavent practices. Also the buyers look for a platform where they can meet their suppliers for that industry and backed by well versed media plan exhibition servers this purpose.

What is ROI in an Exhibition?

ROI Refers to Return on Investment for an exhibition ROI shall be the calculated on the invested amount in terms of space buying plus Fabrication and designing Cost of the stall. So ROI is if an exhibitor has got more business from buyers than the stall cost then ROI is Positive and one should continue participating in that show.

What is Customized Exhibition Stand?

Customized Exhibition stand is Designed and fabricated as per clients need it is wooden or steel structure with branding over the same that represents Company’s Brand.

What should I look for in a fabrication and designing company before giving work to any fabricator?

As a professional stall making and Fabrication Company before assigning the work you should look for a company who has experienced Designing Team also one should check the credibility regarding the production the company should have its own production house so that it may not sublet the work to any other vendor which is risky job to compete the work as the communication is 3 way in such kind of assignments.

What is an Exhibition Brief Form?

An exhibition brief form is a template where the stall designing company wants to gather some important information about client’s needs in an stall and his preferences. If you fill this form with right information you shall be getting a good design proposal from the stall designing company.

How Much time does it take to fabricate a stall?

Well it actually depends on the design and the sizes of the stall. If the stall has size less than 100 Sqmt. then it shall take 10 days and if the stall size is More than 100 Sqmt Upto 400 Sqmt. then it may take between 15 to 20 days.

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